Maintaining Our Computers

Maintaining Our Computers

tech-studio-maintaining-computersThere are obvious times when you should bring your laptop or PC in for computer repair in LA. Cracked LCDs or a failure to boot are clear indicators that something is wrong with your PC or Mac. But what about slowness or a funny noise? Overheating? What are some of the other indicators that something is wrong with your computer and when should you get it looked at? We tout preventive medicine for humans and get yearly checkups to ensure everything is on the up and up. How can we better apply this idea to our gadgets?

Malware and Viruses

Are unwanted windows popping up on your screen? Has loading time noticeably decreased? If things seem a little odd, it could be an indication that you’ve accidentally downloaded some malware or a virus. Unfortunately, not everything posted online is safe for our systems. From phishing schemes to adware, downloading certain software or visiting particular sites could endanger the health and safety of your computer. PC users should schedule frequent virus scans with a trustworthy malware and virus detecting software, or schedule an adware removal with their favorite computer repair shop. While Mac users have been less prone to these malicious attacks, their occurrence has increased as more consumers move to Apple products. Integrating a virus and malware scan will need to become part of a system of routine maintenance for you system.


Computers and laptops have a few moving components, and many that shouldn’t move. Older laptops will most likely have more moving components as newer models frequently feature solid state hard drives and, in the case of the latest MacBooks, no DVD-drives. Components that can make noise include the fan, the hard drive, and the hinges. Sometimes, a loose screw can also rattle around a PC case. While some fan noise is to be expected, increase in noise or excessive noise could indicate your computer is getting dusty or the fan is having a problem. A clicking sound from a hard drive can be a nerve wracking noise—you should backup any data immediately and frequently, as there is a possibility your hard drive will fail. Both of these items can be replaced by a qualified computer repair technician. Hinge noise, generally a creaking, can generally be ignored unless it’s driving you crazy. A knowledgeable computer repair technician will be able to ascertain what type of hinge you have and what it would cost to fix or replace it if the noise is unbearable.


You’ll know if your laptop is overheating because it will feel hot and may shut off due to excess heat. Some laptops and computers are prone to this issue, while others can be helped by replacing the cooling fan. A reliable computer repair tech will be able to help you determine where your system falls and whether you should consider investing in a new laptop or PC or repair your existing system.


While it’s fun to upgrade to the latest products, there’s also a benefit to repairing a computer or laptop. You’re already comfortable with the hardware and interface, and you won’t have to deal with setting up your files just the way you like them. If you feel like your computer is beginning to lag and you’ve already checked for viruses or malware, consider adding more RAM. A qualified computer technician will be able to max out your system, helping to decrease loading times and adding life to your system.

Sometimes repairing your system isn’t just about fixing what’s broken, but about maintaining, protecting, and upgrading what you have. We check the oil and tires on our cars to ensure they’re safe and to keep them running smoothly. We should be checking our computer systems which allow us work, keep in touch with friends, and stream exciting content. For some of us, our computers are like our brains. They store so much information and a lot of our memories (have you checked the size of your pictures file?). We need to regard the health of our PCs and laptops as an investment into our gadgets and digital lives and begin taking preventative measures to extend their lifetimes.

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