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Our managed service offerings are the perfect way to reduce costs and keep your network working.
The popularity of laptops and notebooks results in virtually every one of us having regular contact with these computers. And service desk workers from large companies are usually not equipped to handle good tech support. Only a boutique service provider will take the time necessary to properly fulfill a service request.

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Frequent use of a laptop and desktop equipment leads to natural wear and tear of its components. Laptop failures are pretty common:

  • Operating system failures
  • Malfunctions of individual components
  • Viruses and malicious software

Luckily, most of the faults can be fixed quickly and relatively inexpensively by our support. Using professional company IT help allows technical solutions that will get your equipment back on its feet!

Established in the heart of Los Angeles, we have a workshop and support guys available at all times. We're ready to solve small and big problems on your PC and MacBooks. Our team offers you all the best products of the moment, as well as managed maintenance.

The IT Service we offer is addressed both to those who use their computers on a daily basis and those who use them on certain occasions. Do you need a computer for work, study or entertainment? Our specialists will quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem with your equipment. Then, they will professionally repair your device with the chosen assistance.


We specialize in the repair and service of laptops and desktops. The employees of our computer ambulance service commute every day. They come both to companies and individual customers all over Los Angeles and its county. We offer a wide range of IT services in Los Angeles and managed support:

  • Diagnosing the failure of a computer
  • Repairing a computer's screen
  • Installing computer security software
  • Training you in office software
  • Installing local networks
  • Optimizing the performance of your machine
  • Implementing an internet box
  • Data center and cloud solutions

Our technicians are experts in IT diagnostics and managed support for all types of information technology benefit. We are at your service so that your computer is no longer a source of worry.

Highest Quality IT Services, Repair and Support in California

Today, the computer represents the main digital work tool. This is true regardless of your business and field of expertise. If you are looking for the best computer service Los Angeles has to offer, contact Tech Studio with no hesitation. The range of computers we support is very diverse:

  • Macbooks
  • Toshiba
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Sony

As soon as problems occur with your equipment, you can be sure that our technicians will find the exact source of the breakdown in your company's infrastructure. Our management experience identifies the most common difficulties encountered by the brand of any server, thin client or machine.

Residents of the county of Los Angeles that are looking for technical support need to look no further than Tech Studio's relief. Our dedicated and certified staff in LA keeps up to date on every new feature offered by Apple or any other brand. At the same time, they are keeping an eye out for earlier models. We'll use our development skills to increase your office productivity. Our team offers business consulting and managed services no matter the type of equipment.

Most of the time a breakdown does not mean you have to change your computer, contrary to what the consumer society may lead you to believe. Consult our specialists who will confirm what attention will solve your problem. Generally, one day is enough to get your computer running properly again.

There are other options for which our team can help you find perfect solutions. If you are considering alternatives to computer repair, Tech Studio can provide you with custom-built computers or refurbished machines. There are managed services for every taste, project, and budget.

Best IT Support Guys in Los Angeles

If you have visited our site, it is likely that your computer, laptop, smartphone, or other electronic device has crashed or that you need managed services. There is no need to worry. You just found a professional and reliable computer emergency service. Our team provides attentive help for individuals and businesses throughout Los Angeles and its surroundings.

Our guidance is addressed to all those who need fast, comprehensive, and technical help in repairing their desktop or laptop. Our team provides individual and business customers with round-the-clock IT support to a full extent.


IT Support & IT Services & Consulting Solutions in Los Angeles

Our customers come to our consulting appointments with very different problems and projects, and we always have adequate solutions. Some of them are typical for most computers and laptops. These menu items include:

  • Replacement of the keyboard or matrix
  • Cleaning of the walking system
  • Repair of the power system
  • Removal of viruses from the computer

Sometimes there are also more unusual tasks, such as:

  • Data recovery
  • File backup
  • Software repair
  • Cybersecurity and cyber threats

As part of our IT support , we also carry out dedicated tasks, such as:

  • Setting up computer networks at home or in your business
  • Installing mail servers
  • Searching, installing, restoring and removing driver conflicts
  • VoIP Service and Cloud Platform Setup

Our leadership team tries to find solutions and repair computers in a location convenient for the user and his project. But this is not always possible. In that case, we safely transport the equipment to our company. We use the most modern diagnostic and service equipment. Quick and efficient repair of your computer equipment is guaranteed.

IT Support, Computer Repair and Managed Services in Los Angeles

Every day, desktop and laptop users have thousands of reasons to call our professional emergency IT services. Electronics and fluids definitely don't go hand in hand. But we do realize that accidents can happen to anyone. In this situation, we support you and offer a range of managed relief to restore your laptop to normal functionality.

Our consulting in Los Angeles gives a unique competitive advantage to your operations by identifying potential threats that sabotage your business goals. We want to give you peace of mind by offering competent help on an ongoing basis. We're your partner in success.


We Provide IT Services & Support and Managed Services


Our company specializes in providing IT services and IT support to individual and business customers. The Tech Studio team is familiar with laptop repair, virus removal, data recovery from hard drives, flash drives, and memory cards like few others! Do you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area? Or are you running your business here and need comprehensive IT support? Rest assured that our aid and technology helpers will grant you full satisfaction.

Your computers or networks crashed in Los Angeles? Contact Tech Studio

There are many situations in which calling for professional IT support and managed services in Los Angeles is the best solution. The current use of laptops and desktops both in the workplace and at home leads to defects and the need for service. With many years of experience, our team knows perfectly well how important it is for the user/business to have efficient, productive, and sometimes managed equipment. Among our IT services in Los Angeles, we offer comprehensive repairs and managed services for desktops and laptops, including:

  • Professional diagnostics of equipment and determining the cause of failure
  • Computer hardware upgrades
  • Cleaning the computers’ cooling systems
  • Fixing the laptop after it was dropped
  • Configuration of computer parameters and external devices: printer, scanner, fax
  • Installation of necessary drivers
  • Repairing outlets and plugs
  • Power supply service and support
  • Replacement of damaged laptop parts: matrix, keyboard, case, motherboard, BGA chip, tapes
  • Installation of components: RAM, hard disk and others
  • Recovering data from hard drives and storage media
  • Recovering programs, passwords, and private files
  • Recovering data after formatting the disc
  • Drying and repairing your laptop after flooding
  • Removing viruses and malware
  • Installing antivirus programs

After the repairs have been made, we provide managed IT services, IT support and expert advice on the use of the computer. This enables you to avoid further failures and malfunctions. Come to your consulting session, you have our full attention!

Emergency IT Services

Due to its compact design, replacing components in a laptop is a much more difficult task than on a desktop computer. When replacing a keyboard, motherboard, or the whole chassis, it is worth relying on our many years of experience. Your computer breaking in the outside sucks. But imagine a sudden and unexpected inside system failure at a very important moment in your business project? It's a terrible feeling and requires immediate Los Angeles IT support and service.

Emergency and secure services operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Repairs are carried out at the customer's site or, if the type of malfunction does not allow it, we service the computer on our premises.

We are Here to Help With Emergency IT Support and IT Services in Los Angeles


Not everyone has to know about IT support in Los Angeles. Our computer emergency service in Los Angeles will professionally diagnose any hardware failure. We will suggest concrete technical solutions to the problem, and get your computer managed and maintained. Or call today and open a service ticket to check service availability.

Data/Cloud Recovery Services

Whether you use your computer for work or for private purposes, each hard drive and cloud store gigabytes of data. The value of these supports is often priceless. These can be very important files such as:

  • Shared holiday photos
  • Databases with business partners' addresses
  • Important business project
  • Ongoing master's theses

Their loss can be a real tragedy for the owner, both materially and emotionally. And yet, failures of computers, programs, or operating systems happen extremely often. So does the accidental installation of a virus or malware on your operating system or app platform. These malware types can also "clean" our computer with important information. This can even happy on mobile devices of all types such as iPhones and Android devices.

Fortunately, technical progress allows for fast and comprehensive data recovery, cloud included. Our computer IT service in Los Angeles will be pleased to provide such support for your security and the safety of your business. Schedule your consulting session now!

Restoring Data and Cloud Files - Tech Studio’s offer

The wide range of cloud services offered by our Los Angeles company is not only repairs of laptops and desktops or removal of viruses from the computer. We offer a wide range of IT desk support, consulting, and cloud managed services for your SMB or enterprise operation. Recovery of data from a hard drive, USB stick, or SD card is also included in our support services. For individual customers and companies, we have prepared managed technology solutions that include:

  • Recovering data from the computer's hard drive
  • Restoring files from memory cards, USB sticks, and other technology
  • Recovering your computer settings
  • Restoring private/business files, folders, and directories
  • Recovering data of mail programs and your cloud
  • Retrieving login credentials
  • Restoring files that have been intentionally or accidentally deleted from your computer/cloud
  • Recovering data by disc or single partition format

Data recovery for a business and an individual customer

Performing data recovery on your own is not recommended due to the risk of future malfunctions. It is much more cost-effective to call a professional computer repair and IT support company in California to offer managed, structured support solutions. They have the knowledge, experience, and appropriate technology. Our assistance will restore data securely and effectively from:

  • Hard drives
  • External storage devices
  • Cloud

Have you lost important data from your computer, laptop, or memory card? Formatting a drive has led to the deletion of important files that you forgot to rip into another medium? Or maybe your computer has fallen victim to malware that led to the deletion of your project? Whatever the reason, we encourage you to use our computer support service in Los Angeles.


Restore Your Data with Our Individual & Business IT Support and Managed Services in Los Angeles


We will restore your data/cloud and protect it from being deleted again. We offer consulting throughout Los Angeles, high-end technology solutions, and attractive prices of our IT guidance. See for yourself.

Virus Destruction

Virus developers are using more and more modern and effective methods and technology. They use them to install unwanted software on home and business computers. It is important to be aware that a viral computer can undermine your security and the security of your business. Especially if we store personal data on it, such as:

  • Passwords to e-mails
  • Social networking sites
  • Use online banking
  • Business transactions

Even if a virus has appeared on your device, there is no reason to panic. All you have to do is choose our IT help and IT support to have the viruses removed and offer you the support needed. We also offer managed consulting for further protection. This is precisely what we do throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding area of California.

It is likely that your hardware is the victim of a malicious program or virus and you are in need of security IT support if:

  • Your computer works differently than usual
  • Individual programs do not start
  • You have lost access to data stored on your disk
  • Opening any application causes undesirable effects

This happens very often, especially when:

  • You use the Internet intensively
  • Install non-managed programs
  • Copy data from external storage media

The virus removal techniques of our Los Angeles company are very rich and comprehensive. We will permanently and effectively remove viruses and help to get rid of malicious software thanks to managed care and full support. We do it in a completely safe way for the protection of your computer and the data that is inside. Our Los Angeles IT assistance prioritizes your security. They cover, among other support:

  • Removing advertising viruses
  • Removing the Trojans and fake antivirus programs
  • Removing malicious software
  • Disposal of advertising software, spyware, dialer
  • Deleting unnecessary entries from the system registry to increase computer performance
  • Installation of Windows fixes for increased security
  • Installation of antivirus software and configuration
  • Configuring and installing the firewall
  • Ensuring computer security and data protection on the Internet
  • Professional advice on choosing antivirus programs and computer security

A viral computer is a serious threat to both a home user and a business. In times when many everyday activities are carried out over the Internet, the issue of security should be an absolute priority. Especially when dealing with payments or private information.

When you decide to use our Los Angeles IT help, you give yourself and your business a chance to immediately repair your computer. You get rid of viruses and malicious software on a permanent basis and have the opportunity to have managed advice. Full security guaranteed. You can have your computer virus managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling our computer emergency support in Los Angeles. We will get to you anywhere in Los Angeles. See how easily you can get rid of viruses from your computer at home or in your company. Take care of safety on the networks with our IT advice and support.

In what way is Tech Studio different?

Regardless of what kind of computer service you order from us, you can be sure that it will be managed at the most professional level and with your security in mind. It will be in accordance with applicable standards, and for affordable prices. We are the top IT services company in Los Angeles, and here's why:

1) Professionalism in IT Services & Top Solutions

All members of the Los Angeles network are qualified computer technicians and top IT consultant workers. They have recognized skills and can offer managed support. We put at your disposal a computer technician that is trained and qualified to meet your expectations. Tech Studio is composed of a team of passionate and educational computer professionals. The proven technical procedures guarantee an efficient and homogeneous quality of service. We commit ourselves to bring you a professional answer adapted to your needs.

2) Politeness in IT Support & Technical Consulting

At the Tech Studio visit site, the customer is king. Whether he comes to the agency or receives us at his home to solve a specific problem, we are attentive to his needs. Our mission is to serve you. We take care of our language and our attitude. We are committed to supporting you with total discretion. We respect your privacy and confidentiality.

3) Punctuality in Service & Top Advanced Support

Punctuality is one of our priorities. We are punctual in all circumstances and for all the managed technology support. The client is waiting for us. We respond by first honoring the time of the appointment previously agreed upon. Our customer advisers answer all your questions. If we cannot answer them immediately, we undertake to provide you with an answer within 1 working day.

4) Pedagogy in Los Angeles IT Support & Technical Support

Thanks to our tried and tested teaching methods, we advise our customers in accordance with their needs and interests. We explain the reasons for the breakdown and show them how to do it by letting them handle it themselves. We want to share our knowledge in Los Angeles and beyond.

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