Throwing Out the Old Software With the Bathwater

Throwing Out the Old Software With the Bathwater

tech-studio-old-softwareSometimes it feels like technology changes at a blistering pace. Just when you finally get used to Microsoft Excel, BOOM, there’s a new version with shiny features and cool tricks to learn. While computer operating systems don’t change as frequently as smartphone operating systems, your Los Angeles computer repair shop tech will tell you it’s important to keep them up to date.

If you’re reading this on a computer running the latest operating system —good for you! If you have Windows XP, OS X Lion, or OS X Mountain Lion, what are you waiting for? Reports have shown that computer users stick with what they’re comfortable with—especially if it works. And while operating systems like XP and Lion have proven to be popular with users, the fact of the matter is they are no longer as safe to use as they once were.

Why is that? Well, Microsoft stopped supporting XP in 2014 (except for the federal government and some commercial applications). That means XP users are no longer receiving security updates that protect their computers from malware. Your Los Angeles computer repair shop can provide adware removal services, and a good antivirus may help to bridge the gap as well, but these aren’t long term solutions. Apple, on the other hand, continues to offer infrequent updates to OS X Lion, but their newer operating systems are better supported and have many more compatible apps to choose from.

Speaking of apps, another reason some users stick with old operating systems is because of older software that is only compatible with those OSs. Unfortunately, if the operating systems aren’t receiving security updates, chances are the other software running on them won’t be either. While some software is left behind and never gets updated after its creators go out of business, others are updated more frequently to help consumers better work in their digital environments.

Accounting software, for example, frequently gets a yearly update that includes new or specialized tax forms. If you’re running an old OS without the compatible software, you may not be able to receive these updates, as they may only work on newer versions of the software or a newer operating system. That’s why updates are important. They help keep your operating system and other software running optimally to protect your computer.

If you’re running Windows XP or other unsupported software, and you’re ready to update to a supported operating system, you can purchase the latest Windows operating system if your PC or laptop meets the required specifications. Mac users can download the latest OS in the App shop.

If you need assistance upgrading your operating system, or would like to consult with a professional before you do, the friendly geeks at your Los Angeles computer repair shop can help. Not only will they let you know what it will take to upgrade your OS (remember to backup your data), but they’ll also let you know whether it may be better to just purchase a new system. A quick discussion about your needs and how you use your computer with a qualified tech will help you toss that old software and prepare you for an exciting new operating system adventure.

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