Home Computer Service Tasks You Can Do Today

Home Computer Service Tasks You Can Do Today

home computer serviceComputers are essential to everyday life. They help us to teach, to learn, and to grow. They're a great source of information, news, and entertainment. There's no doubt that computers have enriched our lives. Because computers have become so important, it's smart to keep them running reliably. When your computer malfunctions, you can bring it in to a computer repair shop, or call for home computer service to get it back up and running. What many consumers don't understand is that just as you need to perform periodic maintenance on your car, your computer also needs regular maintenance. Here are three things you can do right now to help your PC and protect the precious data you keep on it:

Keep Your Computer Up to Date

It is extremely important to make sure your operating system is up to date. Most of the time, this is automatically done for you by the computer itself. You usually need to install certain updates like service packs yourself. Your computer will let you know when updates for critical programs like operating systems are ready for you to download and install.

You should also check for updates for maintenance programs, such as antivirus, spyware, cleaners, and other applications. That ensures that your software has the latest information needed to combat threats to your computer. This also helps with office virus removal and adware removal. In addition, updated software is usually more efficient and can sometimes even add extra features that you didn't have before. Updated features can make future maintenance or home computer service easier for you.

Perform Routine Maintenance

All those fancy programs and applications you installed won't do you much good unless you use them on a regular basis. Most virus scanners automatically perform office virus removal and adware removal every night. You should at least check the settings of your antivirus to make sure it is regularly updating itself and performing adware removal checks on your computer.

Other programs, such as cleaning programs and drive defragmenters, usually require you to start the program yourself. It's smart to make a schedule to run these programs at least once per week. That way, you can easily remember when it's time to run those maintenance programs.

Another good task to perform as part of your home computer service is to clean the computer of dust and dirt. First, turn off and unplug your computer. Using a can of compressed air, gently clean out any dust bunnies that may have taken up residence inside. Make sure to clean fan blades, grill openings, and inside the computer's heat sink.

Back Up Your Data

Backing up your data regularly is probably one of the most important things you can do to save headaches and frustration later. If something does happen, you can easily use a recent backup of your data to get back where you were before. Also, having regular backups give you peace of mind in knowing that your personal data is safe from loss. Without backups, your only other option in the case of a disaster is data recovery. This is a highly technical process that requires specialized tools, and it is not always guaranteed that you'll get your data back.

Ideally, you should have three copies of your data. You should first keep an online backup, using a cloud service such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox. This is good as an off-site backup. You should also keep a second backup at your home or office. A thumb drive is easy to carry and use, and you can backup your most important files quickly and easily. For larger amounts of data, like pictures and videos, you should invest in an external backup drive. It is a good idea to connect the drive to your computer only when you're backing up your data. You can store the drive elsewhere to preserve the longevity of the drive, or to use on another computer if you are waiting for home computer service.

Let the Pros Help You With Your Home Computer Service Tasks

Although you can carry out all these steps yourself, some steps may seem more intimidating than others. If you are having difficulty keeping your computer maintained, you can always let a computer repair shop handle it for you. The staff at Tech Studio Mac and PC Repair have the experience to help you with your routine home computer service. They can also help you with any other home computer repair tasks you may have. Their fast and efficient service gets you in, out, and on your way faster. Or use their convenient in-home service to keep your computer running perfectly.

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