Top 5 Mac Repair Tools

Top 5 Mac Repair Tools

tech-studio-macbook-repairAs Macs continue to gain more popularity in the market, there is an increased likelihood that you will have to support them or fix the problems if you are a Mac repair technician. And, even if you are not a technician, it’s better to have an idea of the top Mac repair tools. Technicians use many types of tools to fix different types of problems. Here, we will discuss the tools that I find to be best for troubleshooting, identifying and repairing a Mac.

DiskWarrior 4

DiskWarrior 4 is one of the best hard drive repair programs for the Mac. It operates differently than other data repair programs. As an alternative of trying to rebuild the damaged data, it constructs replacement data based off of the original data. Once the rebuilding is complete, it checks the new data structure with the original to make sure it is error free. The technicians also use the tool as a preventive maintenance utility for hard disks. When run, it reconstructs your directory eliminating any damage that you may not be aware of. It also optimizes the directory for enhanced performance.

Data Rescue 3

Data Rescue 3 is a data recovery program that aims on recovering data from the corrupt drives instead of hard drive repair. It scans the corrupt drive and analyzes all of its content. It allows you to choose data you would like to recover. What is good about Data Rescue 3 tool is it can even scan deleted files.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is a simple yet very effective backup utility for the Mac. Like most of the backup utilities, you can schedule it to backup your Mac on regular basis. The technicians in Venice Beach who deal in Mac repair find this tool very handy while restoring hard drives, setting up multiple Macs or recovering from a system crash. This tool is donation-ware. So, you can download it free without any restrictions. If you need a simple backup and cloning utility, you should use Carbon Copy Cloner for sure.

Hardware Monitor

Hardware Monitor is a useful Mac tool that allows you to view data from the hardware sensors in a Mac. Currently, it has support for battery data, temperature reading, voltage, current, fan speed, power and load and user-defined artificial sensors. The Mac repair technicians use it when simply trying to find out whether the hardware is malfunctioning or not.

Memtest OS X

Memtest OS X is a memory testing program for Mac OS X. It is a great tool for testing intermittent system problems when you have trouble determining whether there is any memory problem or not.

As a Mac repair technician, you will always like to use tools that are useful and efficient in tracking the issues and solving them as fast as possible. Better Mac tools will enhance your performance, and help you supersede the expectations of your clients.

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