Are You Waiting too Long for Your Computer to Start? Speed it Up Without The Need for Computer Repair

Are You Waiting too Long for Your Computer to Start? Speed it Up Without The Need for Computer Repair

slow computer repair mar vistaIs your computer slow when you start it up? There are a lot of reasons your computer might be slow on start up. It could be a virus slowing your computer own, or old hardware. Before you go running to your LA computer repair shop, you might want to check out what you’re starting up with your computer.

Most new computers have a bunch of programs that start automatically as soon as you turn your computer on, and many of the programs you install for yourself will also set start up by themselves. For each program that launches when you start your computer, or more accurately, when you log into your computer, your startup time gets slower. On the bright side, you can choose to disable many of these startup programs. Understanding which programs you need when you start, and which you don’t can help you drop a lot of computer repair costs.


Why Should I Disable my Startup Programs and Apps?

Every time you log in to your computer, Windows loads your desktop and all the system process it needs to run, as well as any additional programs set up to start with Windows. Some of these programs are helpful, or necessary to load. However, others are the kind of program you only need to load when you’re going to use it. Windows will hide these programs in your system tray, but this does nothing for your startup time.

You won’t see your wait time go up by much with smaller programs, but larger programs can cause noticeable delays. Additionally, if you’re starting a lot of small programs, they will multiply together to create big startup delays. Many people spend a lot of money on computer repair when they could have just slimmed down their startup programs.

Another reason to disable startup programs is all the “bloatware” or programs and apps the PC manufacturer installs for you. This bloatware alone can increase your startup time by minutes. When you combine this with the programs you’ve installed, it can feel like it takes forever to start up.

But Why Do These Programs Automatically Start?

There are several reasons your programs start up automatically. Here are a few:


  • Staying Connected. Some programs, like messenger programs, start automatically so you're always ready to receive messages from others.
  • Downloading and Uploading. Some programs, like Steam, Java, and Acrobat, start up automatically to update files in the background. If you don’t set these to start automatically you will have to manually start the program to keep your games and other software up to date.
  • Some Need to Always Run. Some programs, like Dropbox and Google Drive start up with Windows so you can access the files saved in them. Other programs, like Windows Defender, or any of the other antivirus programs start automatically so that they can check every file you download in real time. If your antivirus isn’t running, you’re a lot more likely to need computer repair.
  • Some Programs Need to Control Your Hardware. If you’ve got a program that controls your hardware, like our fans, or the NVidia GeForce Experience, they need to start up so they can monitor and control your computer graphics and other built-in systems.
  • To Load Quicker. Some programs start automatically just so that they’ll open faster when you need them.

Okay, I Know Why Programs Start with Windows, and Why I might Want to Disable Them - Now What?

If you’re going to disable your programs, many, like Skype, have an option in their settings to disable them. However, many others won’t allow you to update from their settings menu. For these, you’ll need to manually disable them through Windows.

To disable startup programs from Windows, press CTRL+ALT+Escape to bring up the task manager. Once you’ve opened your task manager, go over to the startup tab. This feature was introduced in Windows 8, and it will also tell you what kind of impact it has on startup. In this window you can select which startup programs you'd like to disable.


If you clear all your clear all your unnecessary startup programs, and your computer still feels sluggish, call Tech Studio at (310) 392-3858, or email to see how we can help you. You can also fill out our contact form to ask for help.

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