iPhone & Smartphone Obsolescence

iPhone & Smartphone Obsolescence

Tech Studio offers iPhone standsFor the longest time I was a proud Blackberry user. I used to have a job where I was on the road the majority of the time and daily emails were abundant and a necessary evil of the job. My “Crackberry” was THE device to get that job done. No other company’s phones even came near – not Nokia, nor LG, nor Motorola (although their V60i was my jam before mobile email took over my life).

The iPhone Enters the Scene

But then the iPhone came along in 2007 and a phone evolution began. I held out as long as I could but then a career change, coupled with the “first world problem” of not having full internet access on a cell phone, forced my hand to finally make the shift.

Keeping Up With Changes

When the iPhone 5 was announced in September 2011, I sprung and bought the biggest (and most expensive) version available. I had read that this was the phone that would change the smartphone world. This was the game changer. The iPhone 5 is the last phone you’ll ever need. The iPhone 5 is unbeatable. It is the bees knees and the greatest of all time.

Sweet! That’s all I needed to hear. (They didn't tell me that it was not unbreakable and that creating a broken iPhone was quite easy.)

Features of the iPhone

And since the only iPod I had was the first version of the iPod Shuffle and could only hold 100 songs, may as well get the biggest one so I can turn my new phone into my iPod too. Besides, my 4 megapixel Canon Elf SD camera had been broken for two years so now my new cellphone will be my new camera too.

I was getting the ultimate device and one that would serve all my mobile needs, so of course I’m going to spend maximum dollar available. And the best part is, per my research, Apple could never top this. I was so excited.

A month and a half after I got my new amazing phone, I read that Apple is working on the 5S.

Unreal. Planned obsolescence.

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