Some Cool Tips for an Overheating PC

Some Cool Tips for an Overheating PC

A good fan keeps your computer coolIf you’ve ever had your laptop just randomly shut itself down, or if your portable computer runs slowly when you place it under extreme demands, Don’t panic and rush off to your nearest computer repair store.

You just might be experiencing an overheating problem.

Such a problem can cause you to have to wait up to 10 minutes between restarts as well. Those problems stem from overheating in and around the laptop cooling system.

A lot of laptops currently available on the market today are running specifications that traditionally were reserved for desktop units; some even contain upgraded central processing unit (CPU) designed for desktops and come with beefed-up cooling system to match.

That’s because in order for these CPU’s to perform properly, they must be kept as cool as possible. Manufacturers really struggle with the limited space and power to do this, thus the overheating issues.

Cool It Off Yourself

But if you have these issues, here are a few tips to help you deal with the problems.

Many laptops allow you to access to the CPU/cooling module compartment on the bottom of the unit. But be warned – when tinkering around near the CPU, electro-static discharge may be your worst nightmare. So be careful. Once you have located the fan, you should be able to determine almost immediately if this is your issue.

Often, the problem is as simple as an accumulation of dust and lint, and can be easily removed using a soft paint brush to safely loosen all the dust and using a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove it. For the braver home technician, remove the two screws holding the fan in place and take it out for a more thorough cleaning.

This isn’t always so easy. On some notebook models, the fan or fans are only accessible by removing the main board. This is not a job for a novice, so you would be well-advised to leave that task to the pros.

You should perform this procedure periodically to make sure your machine is not overheating and that you are getting the best performance possible form your notebook computer.

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