5 Great Ways You Can Reuse Old Tech Gadgets

5 Great Ways You Can Reuse Old Tech Gadgets

computer repair, recycling, reuseEveryone has old tech gadgets lying around in their house. You may have an old laptop or PC you replaced with a newer model. Old desktops waiting for a computer repair that don't know what to do with. Maybe you have an obsolete media player hidden in the back of your junk drawer, or an old webcam in the closet. Rather than throw them away, why not give those old gadgets a new life and a new purpose? You can even recycle gadgets which no longer work into something wondrous and amazing. Here are five ideas you can use to re-purpose old gadgets and give them a new life:

Old Media Players Equal Extra Storage

If you have a portable media device that you no longer use, but works, you can still use the storage drive. Old portable media can act as a portable thumb drive or backup device, or to help shift files during a computer repair. Use them to store, transfer and save programs and data wherever you go! Most media players can plug straight into computers and they will read as Media Storage Devices on their own. Others devices, like an iPad, may need extra software to access the storage inside.

Turn an Old Computer Into a Home Theater

If  you have an old computer or laptop that barely works, but don't want to get rid of it, consider investing in a computer repair (or laptop repair), to restore it to working order. Most TVs have several ports for plugging in your old computer. If not, you can find an adapter that will fit your TV at your local computer repair shop. Once it's hooked up to your TV, you can add your media to the hard drive and enjoy them on a bigger screen. You can use old flash drives or old media players if you don't have enough storage available. If you can connect the computer to the Internet, you can even use it to stream media from places like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

Make a Security System With an Old Web Cam

If you have an old webcam you no longer use, why not re-purpose it into your personal home security system? With a laptop, a tablet with a USB connection, or just a long USB cord, you can use your old webcam or laptop to keep track of any room in your house. With the right software, you can set it up to record when it detects light or motion. Or you can stream the cam over the web to view it anytime, anywhere.

Create New Uses From Old Tech

Anyone can re-purpose, recycle, and re-use gadgets that no longer work to make something useful. Artisans often create beautiful jewelry from the innards of old dead gadgets. Why not make a cable storage bin from the husk of a dead printer? Or an old VHS cassette to hold tools for computer repair? There are plenty of examples and tutorials for inspiration available online. They show how other people have taken something that no longer works, and turned it into something they can use.

Turn Almost Anything Into Art

If art is your thing, why not create some with your old dead gadgets. All gadgets consist of many parts, each with different colors and textures. You can take those pieces out and use them to create whatever kind of art you like. With a little creativity and craftiness, any dead piece of electronics can be reborn as an awesome display or centerpiece.

A clock from old PC parts? Maybe a table from circuit boards? Or perhaps a lampshade from old CD covers? How about an ornament from the old CDs inside? Anything goes with art, so let your mind run wild! If you don't have any ideas, you can always look to the Internet for inspiration. Your art materials are free, and environmentalists would thank you for not throwing it away. In fact, many people have turned the process of turning dead electronics into art into a lucrative hobby.

Recycling Is Good for the Soul

Tech gadgets contain a lot of valuable materials. Some of those materials include things like heavy metals and battery components that really shouldn't end up in a landfill. The amount of electronic waste, also called E-Waste, continues to increase every year. Reusing and recycling old tech gadgets is a much better alternative to tossing it in a trash bin. Sometimes all it takes is a little ingenuity and creativity to breathe new life into old gadgets.

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