Phone Protection

Phone Protection

The best smartphone cases are at Tech StudioIt happens all too often – we drop our phone just slightly and the LCD cracks into a spiderweb of shattered glass. Sometimes it seems like those LCD’s are made simply too fragile. Other times however, your phone may take a five foot fall onto concrete and immediately you brace for the worst case scenario. You’re absolutely positive you have a broken iPhone and then you look and VOILA. The “gorilla glass” actually held up to its name!

The Advantages of a Case

There’s really no rhyme or reason as to whether a phone’s LCD will withstand breaking from a drop, but a case always helps. Some cases are more protective than others, with the material they’re made from and their shape being the primary factors. Rubber and silicone cases are always more absorbent of a drop than hard plastic case, and both of those are way safer than wood cases. Wood cases are beautiful but simply don’t withstand drops well whatsoever. On the other hand, if your case breaks but your phone survives the fall, that’s just fine in my book. Its much cheaper to replace a broken case than a broken phone.

Form Matters

The other variable to take into account is the case’s form factor. Cases with a wraparound lip provide excellent drop protection because they maintain a gap between the phone and the surface when placed face down. This is really the most efficient safeguard you could give your phone. Some people prefer the skinniest case they can find but truth is, those just don’t provide enough fortification. Sometimes they will do the job and preserve you from broken glass, but they will fail in due time. And don’t even think a vinyl skin is giving you any drop shield at all.

Remember the Purpose is Protection

Style is nice and all, but keep in mind what purpose it serves – aesthetics alone won't do the job. Don’t get stuck with a broken phone. Safety first.

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