Fun Flash Drives

Fun Flash Drives

Tech Studio offers fun flash drivesFlash drives have become very useful for our daily computing lives. They are handy for backup storage, and for transporting computer files from one point to another. Organizations can carry entire databases easily to events to double-check information, with they are stored on flash drives. If there is information you don’t want to leave on your computer, a flash drive can be used to keep those files.

Of course the time may come when you have a fist-full of flash drives clustered in your desk drawer all mixed together. If you have selected standard drives, where they all look like each other, you need some sort of system to quickly identify each drive. You don’t want to snatch your files of photographs when you really wanted your business Power Point presentations. What can you do to make this easier?

tech-studio-capam-flash-driveFun Flash Drive Cases

One solution that would be entertaining is to use flash drives that have been given designer cases.

One recent offering are flash drives designed with connections to Marvel Comics characters.

Iron Man’s mask, Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, you can have any one of these to store special files. Easily identifiable and fun, you can have superheroes “protecting” your information.

USB flash drives like these are available in different capacities: 2 Gigabytes, 4 GB and 8 GBs.

If you were ever curious about the insides of a flash drive, here’s the “secret”. Basically, it is a small printed circuit board combined with a USB connector. These are insulated and protected in a case made of metal or plastic or a rubberized substance. The connector might be protected by being retractable into the body of the case, or by having a removable cap. The flash drive is powered by the computer by way of the connection.

Checking out a purchase like this is difficult online, but you can come into the Tech Studio shop and see our selection of flash drives in person. Our friendly staff can help you find the computer accessories that will suit you.

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